Trackdot Tracks Your Baggage and Informs You Via Phone

January 7, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What’s the worst thing you encounter when you travel through air? Obviously it would be finding that you and your luggage are not in the same airport!

Lost baggage is a frequent complaint among fliers, and some airlines wouldn’t even have a clue as to where these bags have trotted off. One person’s misfortune is another person’s gain, or so they say, so it’s no surprise that some folks have found a way to make money out of the incompetence of airline services.

Globaltrac, based in Los Angeles, will be one among the many companies at CES this year. They will be displaying their Trackdot, which is a small, battery-powered device that aims to find you your bags.


The device would be packed in one of your bags, and it will track the bag’s journey, irrespective of the airport it might end up in. The gadget uses GSM to send messages, as the Federal Aviation Authority won’t allow devices like these to use GPS.

The messages are sent directly to the cell phone which you assign it to, and you can assign it to as many cellphones as you wish. So, next time you land at Heathrow, and you receive a message saying that your bag is at JFK, at least you will know where your baggage is, although it is a pain anyway.

I believe quite a number of people might find this little device useful. Mayer Alexander, Globaltrac’s VP of sales for North America, agrees as well, but that’s probably because he has some figures to back up on.

According to the stats he showed to the FAA, out of the 140 million people who took to the air more than once, 26 million ended up separated from their baggage. Already, Alexander says, they have received a heavy load of pre-orders.

The Trackdot will be in the market by March and will set you back by $49.99, if you are looking to have one.

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