HMDX Bluetooth Speakers Could Score High at CES

January 7, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We are looking for devices that are going to stand out and impress during the 2013 CES. By now we have a faint idea as to which Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets of the computer genre are bound to impress us during the event.

But the CES Unveiled press event knocked over our attention to another device. HMDX, the makers of the Jam Classic, which is one of the best Bluetooth speakers around has revealed a line of new products thanks to the momentum it gained last year.

They have decided to introduce the Jam Plus, which is obviously an upgrade to the Jam Classic. And just like the device, Jam Plus also works with Bluetooth-enabled devices up to 30 feet away and you also get up to 4 hours of wireless usage as it comes with a rechargeable battery.


There is no need to mention about the sound quality as HMDX always delivers the best. The Plus offers more deeper bass than the Classic as it comes with a larger design.

The speakers have the ability to pair with another Plus speaker for a two-channel stereo experience. Moreover, when paired, you can switch both the speakers to mono sound if you want an identical listening experience in, say, two different rooms.

We saw the release of its predecessor this past June and as for the Jam Plus and the Jam Party speakers we can expect the Jam plus to be released in the spring of 2013 for $59.99.

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