Southington Residents Initiating Videogame Buyback Drive to Destroy Violent Videogames

January 5, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Do you remember reading in your history texts about book burning in the old ages? Well, we kind of have a similar incident here, although it’s not actually books that are being burned but media, or more precisely, video games.

Southington, a Connecticut town situated about 30 miles away from Newtown, is organizing a violent video game buyback program. This is in wake of the tragic shooting that took place in Sandy Hook elementary school, Newtown, and the Southington residents are joining together with the intention of destroying violent games that are sold back.

A group of Southington organizations like the YMCA, Chamber of Commerce, fire department, and board of education have taken up the reins of the program which will take place on January 12th.


According to Joe Erardi, the superintendent of Southington School, many parents contacted the school asking how they could help the Newtown residents as well as their own children from a similar tragedy.

Eradi responded by asking parents to advise their kids on the usage of violent video games. It was his initiative that prompted the residents to go for a video game buyback drive.

For every violent video game that is dropped off at the program, the owner would get a $25 gift card. As for the dumped video games, Erardi said that the discs will be destroyed, possibly incinerated.

Erardi and Southington SOS are of the opinion that the shooting isn’t solely the fault of violent video games and that other violent media like television and movies are also to blame. But the group does acknowledge that their event doesn’t point at video games being the main cause of Newtown shooting.

The event  is purely voluntary, so those who are willing to go with the program can head out to and contribute their discs for the bonfire.

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