No Galaxy S4 at CES 2013; No Release Before May Either

January 5, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Any techie who has been keeping track of the latest news knows that there have been literally hundreds of articles made to date about the Samsung Galaxy S4. But all those rumors have been nullified by the official statement from Samsung Lebanon.

Guys, they are not planning the device to be launched before May. Also, the release of the Galaxy S4 will be done at a Samsung event and it would be just like what they did last year with the Galaxy S3.

So why is it that Samsung wants to be alone while all the other competitors participate in CES? The reasons are simple enough.

Samsung Galaxy S III

The Galaxy S4 is the signature phone from Samsung this year and they want it to get maximum publicity as possible. So a different and unique event will amass all the attention it needs.

Moreover, Samsung had released the S3 as well in April-May season last year and they would like to continue the trend. So what about the tech specs?

Well, there have been rumors that the device’s screen would sport a 1920 x 1080p True HD resolution on their popular AMOLED technology providing 441 pixels per inch. Samsung has recently updated their page with multiple patches to support the new processor, being called the Exynos 5440.

So everyone is expecting this quad-core baby to power up the Galaxy S4  as well. But before May no one can be sure of any of this and hopefully when released, the S4 can be the biggest surprise the tech world will have in 2013.

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