Wii U Gets a Google Maps App, Allows You to Explore the Neighborhood

December 17, 2012, By Alex Ion

It seems like Nintendo is pulling out all stops when it comes to ensuring that its latest next-gen gaming console stays well ahead of the pack and gives gaming enthusiasts from US to Japan and from UK to Australia absolutely everything that they need a and a whole lot more.

The Nintendo Wii U has already created quite a flutter in the market and from the look of things that is just the beginning with bigger things to follow in the next few months.

The latest addition to the lineup is the inclusion of third party apps, which include the Google Maps feature.

The app that is set to arrive on the Nintendo platform in January of 2013 will allow players to utilize the Street View feature and explore the various streets of the world with the help of Google Maps. This obviously has amazing possibilities as the real environment can now be easily integrated with virtual gameplay to create whole new possibilities and environments that can be unending.

The feature was showcased by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata who visited Nintendo’s Japanese and American headquarters using this very app on the Wii U.

There is also the Panorama App that allows players to get a 360 degree view of the world around them using a special camera and more new titles that are expected to be added to the Wii U line up in the coming 2 months. This should only help increase the already huge demand for the console as retailers and suppliers are trying pretty hard to meet the current demand both in the US and the UK market.

With the holiday season shopping around the corner, it seems like getting a Nintendo Wii U unit in the next 4 weeks will only get harder and harder. So, if you want one for Christmas, do order up pretty soon!

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