Physicists Turned into Musicians by Shooting Slime Molds with Light

December 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Musicians are not the only people who can create music these days, as a new experiment proves that science can also do that.

Physicists over at the University of Plymouth have found a new way of creating music by shooting slime molds with electricity.

If you don’t know what molds are, they are single-celled organisms that act in a much more complex way than one would expect a puddle of slime to act. Slime molds are actually fascinating creatures that may have more talents than one as they have proved most of their capabilities like solving mazes, anticipating timed events in the past.

The last time you saw music created by electricity was in the movie ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’, but these physicians have found out a realistic way to create music with the help of science.

Well, now researchers have one more amazing fact to add to their impressive resume as these creatures can also make noise in a controlled way, or in other words music.

And it’s not just that. The slime molds grow in a way that creates protoplasmic tubes, which can reach between the food sources.

The team of physicists noted that slime molds can change the amount of electrical activity produced by shooting it with different intensities of light and eventually creating music.

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