Syrian Engineer Builds Tank with Game Controller to Control Machine Gun

December 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This might be testimony to the fact that engineers, when driven by will, can accomplish anything. A Syrian rebel engineer, Mahmud Abud, has transformed his car into a tank.

He spent a month and $10,000 to transform his car into a tank, Sham II. While at first glance it looks like a big metal box, it is, in reality, a homemade, armored vehicle waiting for battle.

The driver can hole up safely inside and protect his head, and still drive the vehicle without any hassles. There’s a lot of technology inside that helps the driver to maneuver the Sham II, as well as to shoot.

There are no window, instead there are five cameras mounted on the exterior of the tank. These cameras are linked to LCD TVs inside that allows the driver to see around the tank.

Three of the cameras forwards, while the fourth gives the rear view. The fifth camera is for aiming and shooting the mounted 7.62mm machine gun.

Abud uses a game controller and a second screen from inside the tank to rotate the gun and fire it. There’s a camera which provides the view down the barrel and the controller is used to zoom in and out, rotate and fire.

A second person can also handle the machine gun with the controller without disturbing the driver. Looks like the rebel engineer has played out his plan carefully.

This isn’t the first tank Abud has built. His first creation, Sham, could only protect the driver, while Sham II could house other people inside it as well.

Abud says the sheets are 2.5mm thick and will protect against 23mm cannon fire. Well, that’s quite safe when under light fire.

But when faced against a real tank, I don’t think the Sham II would survive too long.

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