iUFO for iOS Devices Lets You Control Your Own Flying Saucer

December 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Do you live in a quiet neighbourhood? If you do, and you want to create a buzz around, then here’s something designed catch one’s eye.

iHelicopters.net, who have taken name with some iPhone-controlled gadgetry up their sleeves, have popped out a new device, the iUFO. It isn’t typical flying saucer, but something unique and certainly an unidentifiable flying object.

It does look a bit like a gyroscope, though. Anyway, the object is about 8-inches across and can fly without any hiccups.

The minimal surface area provides it with a bit of stealth too, so you would find it particularly useful in sneaking up on unsuspecting people. Three rotors, a round, frame-like cage and a control system are what makes up the iUFO.

The device can be operated within 20-35 foot line-of-sight control range, using infrared. The charge can be provided through USB.

When you order the box, you get the iUFO along with an IR transmitter, USB cable, spare rotor blades, and instructions. On full charge, your object should keep to the air for about 10 minutes on an average, and a full charge requires 30 minutes.

You should have the I-UFO app installed on your iOS devices, provided you have your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running on iOS 3.0 or above. The object is capable of functioning on iPad, iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod Touch, but it seems the higher resolution of these devices won’t be too friendly with the I-UFO’s UI.

The object looks good and people would certainly find it intriguing. If you can rig up some LED lights on the object’s frame and let it fly about at night, your neighborhood would have something to talk about for the next few days.

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