Faurecia Developing Car Seats That Self-Adjusts and Connects with Bluetooth

December 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A car is a very personal affair for some, especially when you get all those applications and technology that helps you to interact more effectively with your vehicle. To make things more binding between the owner and the vehicle, even the seat can be connected to the user.

Automotive suppliers, Faurecia, is on the path to offer maximum comfort from a car seat, and one way to go about it is to connect the seat with the owner’s smartphone. There will be accompanying apps that can customize the seat to perfectly fit your body comfortably, and you can even get upgrades.

Faurecia is pushing ahead through two types of this comfort technology. The first one is what you see in the screenshot below (kind of reminds you of seats in sci-fi spaceships).

The chair is ultra-lightweight and super-compact and is called as Urban Rhythm. The chair is designed to reduce the weight and bulk seen in current seats.

With lightweight seats, such as these, inside the car, automakers are able to make use of less materials inside the car, thus reducing the weight and also increase fuel efficiency. The company terms the Urban Rhythm as a “bio-sympathetic” design and boasts that the thickness of the seats could be as little as 30mm thick.

Then there’s the luxo-barge La-Z-Boy, which like the name implies, could make you very lazy indeed. The best part is that the seat is 12-way adjustable with nearly infinite configurations.

Moreover, it comes with Bluetooth that connects it with your smartphone so you can control the seat through an app. This side of technology comes from Faurecia’s SmartFit system intended for providing a proper driving position and comfortable pressure settings.

The accompanying app is an Android app that needs to be fed basic information like height, weight and gender. Then you have to click a few photos of yourself so that the specific posture data could be obtained.

After that, swing your extended arms with your smartphone up and down for the accelerometer to detect the length of your reach. Once the information is processed, your phone will transfer the data to the seat which will align to provide the perfect seating position.

Having the seat Bluetooth enabled will make the seat adjust itself to the customized setting as you approach your car. With a seat as comfortable like this, what more do you want?

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