Nintendo Blocks Adult Content on Wii U; Limits Access to Four Hours a Day

December 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

One reason parents don’t mind their little kids playing with Nintendo console’s is because the company adheres to child-friendly content and services. To ensure children aren’t exposed to adult content, the Wii and DS employ friend codes and restrict online play.

But then the Wii U launched with online service and several 18+ titles in tow, and we thought Nintendo is opening the gates to adult content. But even though they have slacked up a bit, they are still going with their policy of providing child-friendly content.

Nintendo Europe has put in place a content blocking service which can’t be turned off. You can’t search for some games during a particular time.

This was first noticed by an Italian gamer who mailed Nintendo Customer Service, thinking that it was a glitch. But it seems the company was obliging the regulations present in European countries.

As per the laws there, Nintendo would block anyone from viewing Adult rated trailers and purchase of 18+ content during the day. Users can access these contents only between 11pm-3am, which is just four hours a day.

This way, underage gamers won’t be accessed to inappropriate content. If you try to access such content, you will get a message saying that the content you want to view can be accessed only at certain times.

But the exact time isn’t given, so you would have to guess that for yourself. Not many people would find this amusing, though.

As of now, only European countries have been reported to have this restrictive issue. Let’s see how many other countries more Nintendo would implement it.

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