Microsoft Windows 8 Not Taking Off as Expected

November 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Windows 8 doesn’t seem to be having such a smooth sailing after all. According to a recent report, the latest software from Microsoft doesn’t seem to be selling as well as the software giant projected.

It was Paul Thurrot, who is at Supersite for Windows, reported that the sales of Windows 8 PCs are way below what Microsoft have showed in their internal projections. He says that the company insiders have been calling it a disappointment.

The main reason behind this fall, according to Thurrott, is the lacklustre PC maker designs and availability. The other factors he listed were that the new OS was confusing due to its mix of touch and an existing standard Windows 7 desktop.

Moreover, the simultaneous release of Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT has caused some problems. “Though Windows 8 Pro can run older Windows software, Windows RT cannot, which “doesn’t make a lick of sense,” says Thurrott.

Roger Kay, who is the principal analyst at EndPoint Technologies, also agrees with Thurrott and said that the gap that exists between Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT versions makes it difficult to position Windows 8. “The new touch interface is really fantastic for the high-mobility market, like tablets. But turn the whole world upside down for a few tablets?” added Kay.

But Microsoft doesn’t seem to be agreeing to any of this whatsoever. The company’s CEO, Steve Ballmer claims that the OS has kicked off to a spectacular start; during last month’s Build Conference, Ballmer announced that 4 million copies of Windows 8 have been sold within a few days of launching.

It has been noted that consumers express a general lack of interest in upgrading to the new version. The main reason for this may be the touch-centric interface.

Kay says that it would take some time before Windows 8 can spread out from every retail store, and touts January as a timeframe when the OS would be fully represented at retail. But the trouble seems to be building up mainly for PCs only, as Microsoft’s Surface Tablet is doing fine in the market.

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