Walmart Employees Throw iPads Around, Get Fired [Video]

November 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There are jerks almost everywhere and some can be as the thick-headed as the ones in the video below. A couple of Walmart employees have themselves on video, throwing around iPads while stocking them up for sale.

These are employees from Pikeville, Kentucky, and we can see them playing catch with iPads, throwing them around carelessly.

One of them even intentionally drops it on the ground.

It’s obvious from the video that these guys hate iPads, but they are also tarnishing Walmart’s reputation in the process. The retail giant has fired the guys anyway, and has apologized for the incident.

A Walmart spokesperson issued the following statement: “We were extremely disappointed to see such disregard for our customers and products. We are currently conducting an internal investigation and will be taking the necessary disciplinary actions. We’d like to reassure our customers that we are inspecting our electronic merchandise inventory and stand behind the products we sell. If there is an issue with a product you purchase at any location, it will be replaced or you will be refunded.”

 What the employees have done is nothing short of condemnable. Would you approve of such irresponsible behavior from anyone for that matter? Scribble in your thoughts and make yourself heard.

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