Microsoft Xbox Surface 7-Inch Gaming Tablet Under Secret Production

November 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A gaming tablet from Microsoft is in the works. At least that’s what rumors suggest.

The software giant is reportedly busy building its very own 7-inch gaming tablet. The device, called as Xbox Surface, is already past the initial hardware planning.

Back in June, we heard smoky news about an Xbox Surface 7-inch tablet and its specifications, much before we heard Microsoft talking about the Surface RT and Surface Pro. Apparently, the specifications that were leaked then are accurate and the company is at present adding the finer details.

An ARM processor is expected to power the device from within, while a high-bandwidth RAM will be designed specifically for gaming. An unannounced Intel SoC is also said to get inside the Xbox Surface, and we hear the system would be developed independent of specific hardware architecture.

The focus is wholly on gaming so functions like messaging and other tablet applications, though supported, will not be given a high priority. Moreover, we hear that the Xbox Surface won’t be running a full version of Windows, but that a custom Windows kernel would be installed inside.

The company has a secret hardware production process for the Surface tablets and we hear that the Xbox Surface would be probably manufactured in the same factory. Additionally, part of the device is being developed in Microsoft’s office in Silicon Valley.

If the rumors hold true, we might get to see the device on shelves before the next-gen console from the company launches. Microsoft has denied requests for comments as of now, so we have to go with hunches untill more info breaks out.

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