LG Nexus 4 Found in San Francisco Bar; Retrieved by Google Later

October 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A yet unreleased LG Nexus 4 phone prototype was found left behind in a bar in San Francisco.

It’s still unclear how such things happen, as a similar incident also happened with the iPhone 4 a while ago.

Bboth these incidents are the result of sheer negligence and though they leak out more information regarding upcoming devices, morally, these are mishaps.


Going into the details, 500 Club bartender Jamin Barton found the device, which he couldn’t identify, on a Tuesday last month.

And, unlike most of the 20 or so phones left behind each week, this one quickly distinguished itself. First, by the fact that no one came looking for it. And second, because it was locked and had no SIM card to activate it. So there was no way to identify or contact the owner directly. But it did have a ‘not for sale’ sticker and a Google logo on the back.

Not knowing what it was or what to do with it, Barton asked a bar regular named Dave if he knew what it was. The eagle-eyed and tech-savvy customer recognized it immediately as the as-yet-unreleased Nexus 4.

Ultimately, Google retrieved the phone on September 20th, only to have the Nexus 4 leak multiple times just weeks later. Well, going through the incidents, it does seem a fun story to remember after all.

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