Intel Lists Sub-$700 Ultrabooks

September 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Stores everywhere will be jammed during the holiday rush. This season, there’s reason to stuff yourself into a crowded store to buy your desired gadget.

While the Ultrabook lines don’t go for easy money, Intel has tried to turn the wheel a little bit. The chipmaker has lit up with a post claiming Ultrabook Prices Hit Sub-$750 As Holidays Loom.

Intel has listed out a few sub-$700 laptops too. Some of the selected ones are as follows:

•           $699.99 Inspiron 14z ultrabook (14-inch)

•           $699.99 Lenovo IdeaPad ultrabook (13-inch)

•           $599.99 Lenovo U310 (13-inch)

•           $679.99 Acer Aspire ultrabook (14-inch)

•           $679.99 HP Envy ultrabook (14-inch)

Majority of the Ultrabooks feature 1,366 x 768 displays, while those with the 1600 x 900 displays have been avoided. Sandy-Bridge processors power most of these, and the hard disk drives employ solid-state drive caches rather than the pure SSDs.

So now you might understand why these come under the sub-$700 list. Moreover, Intel had listed the HP Folio 13 and Toshiba Portege Z835 under sub-$750, but these devices won’t be available from larger known retailers for less than $700.

If you are interested in what Intel has to offer, you can go ahead and grab one of these boys at a reduced cost. But if you fancy a smarter display with a 128 GB or 256 GB SSD and flashier processors, you would have to fork out more than $900.

While the sub-$700 list might get some good sale, it needs to be seen how the scales will tip when HP and Acer pushes out their Windows 8 Ultrabooks in the near future.

These beauties would be boasting touch displays and will either be convertibles or standard clamshells with touch.

While the new touch-enabled devices may be just the thing for PC to get a step ahead than Apple, don’t expect them to be around for a low price.

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