Multiple WP Devices and BlackBerry 10 Heading for Verizon

September 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Verizon has not shown its Windows Phone friendly face so far, since the carrier was offering just a single piece of Windows Phone device on its network.

However, things are going to change as the Big Red network has made it clear that they are going to roll out not just one, but multiple Windows Phone devices on its network during the fourth quarter.

The news is not the work of some rumor monger down the tech news valley – Verizon CEO has himself confirmed the information.

However, the carrier was not ready to disclose the exact number of Windows Phone devices going to hit the network in the near future, neither have the names of the manufacturers been revealed.

Another hint from the top brass of the carrier confirmed that the network is planning to work closely with Nokia, but its was not ready to confirm any chances of a Nokia Windows Phone device hitting the carrier in the near future.

However, the treat is not just for Windows Phone fans as the network has made it clear that the BlackBerry 10 smartphone is also on the way to hit the network.

According to official sources at Verizon, the new smartphone from RIM will be available on the network after its launch in the first quarter next year.

Rumors are plenty that a Nokia Lumia device, probably Lumia 820, will hit the carrier with the name Atlas in the near future, to give company to HTC Trophy, which is the lone Windows Phone device on Verizon now.

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