Your iPhone 4S Can Fetch Up To $345 in Apple’s Reuse Program

August 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The next gen iPhone is on the horizon and Apple has slashed the prices of the previous iPhone devices – including the present one to match with similar offers from carriers.

However, now Apple has come out with a new reuse and recycle program as many users are expected to replace their old iPhones for the new one when it launches.

According to the terms and conditions of the reuse and recycle program, the company may offer up to $345 or £ 300 for your phone.

However, the amount will depend on the condition of the device.

The company has made an online wizard live with which users can select the model, color and condition of the iPhone 4S or other Apple device which they want to get replaced.

The online wizard will then provide you with a price which is based on the info you provided.

According to the terms of the program and from the experience of those who tested it, a 64 GB iPhone 4S will command the top price which can be as high as $345. So that means other models with less storage capacity will be priced lower than that.

Sending the power cable along with the device which you need to replace will be a positive deed since such customers will get a gift certificate from Apple’s recycling partners.

However, the scratches on the iPhone or water damage will also bring down the money value of the device. Moreover, the money which is returned can be used only at Apple stores.

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