Sony PS Vita 1.80 Update Locks Memory Cards to a Single PSN Account; Gamers Irked

August 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The latest firmware update to Sony’s PS Vita – the 1.80 update – obviously brought many new things to the Sony game console. However, emerging information suggests that the update may bring some secret features too.

The new update can lock the memory cards to one PSN account, which means that many players who use multiple PSN accounts in PS Vita will not be able to do so later.

Otherwise, such users have to decide to buy a separate memory card for all the different accounts.

It is no big issue if the memory cards are cheaper. Since a Sony memory card with 4 GB storage capacity costs anything close to $20, it is an expensive option too.

The memory card locking feature has not been mentioned anywhere in the features of the update. Since it does not ask for any confirmation before locking your memry card to the active account, many players using multiple PSN accounts who applied the update found that they are not able to access the saved portions of some of their games.

However, there is a solution, as per some reports. But for this, the player should have multiple memory cards on hand.

The trick is that you first transfer the saved data from one PSN account to a PS3 from where you can transfer it into a memory card.

However, many players are upset and enraged by the change brought by the update. Sony is very unlikely to make any difference to the nature of the update since the feature is a stealthy one and Sony never acknowledged it officially.

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