AT&T Also May Launch New iPhone on September 21st

August 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nobody wants to be left behind in the race to bring a much sought device to their network and reap profits of an early bird, as far as network carriers are concerned.

That is the case with AT&T also. Earlier reports have suggested that the carrier will launch the next generation iPhone on its network by the end of September, with all AT & T sales staff readying up for a great launch in the last week of September and beginning week of October.

However, now it seems there is a change in the program.

The change, according unofficial sources, was triggered by a hint by Verizon that they will be bringing the new phone to their network right when it hits the US market on September 21.

The clue came from the rumor that Big Red network has instituted a vacation black out for its employees from September 21 to 30, considering the big rush for the device.

Finding itself in a position with less advantage, AT&T is now reportedly getting ready to move up their release of the next gen iPhone on their network on September 21st.

The carrier has implemented a vacation black out for the staff in line with Verizon’s order, from September 21 to 30. Now the carrier is giving intensive training to the employees to prepare them for an iconic release.

The next gen iPhone is expected to see the light of the day on September 12th and is expected to hit the US showrooms on September 21st.

So it seems that the next gen iPhone will be simultaneously be made available on the top two networks.

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