Google Rolls Out 1 Gbps Google Fiber Service in Kansas

July 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When you want to learn something, learn it from Google. That is what the search god showed other ISPs when it rolled out its first attempt in networks at Kansas City.

The onset of Google Fiber and Google Fiber TV will be a good lesson for the cable companies and network carriers who always blame the heaping up costs and usage to throttle the speeds of the network.

In an unmatched offer, the search giant has offered  1 GB of download and upload speed for users. The new Google Fiber TV service offers a vast array of high quality HD video content broadcast to TVs and is also available on demand.

The service is currently available only at Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, Kansas.

The service plans are better than those offered either by AT&T’s U-verse service or by Time Warner Cable. The prices are so low that there are no local- and national-level competitors.

The network is 100 times faster than other networks in the country. The enhancements, such as doubling the number of TV shows that can be recorded by a DVR at one time, plus more than 500 hours of storage for very high quality HD video, are also rich.

The strategic impact of the move is paramount, though the network is at present limited to Kansas. For one, it shows how faster and efficient networks should be. With the digital culture growing, 1 Gbps networks will be the need of hour.

Google has entered that realm first and has shown that it can be done. Others will have no other option, but to follow suit if they want to survive.

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