Court Documents Reveal ipad, iPhone Early Prototypes

July 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If somebody says iPad, you get the picture of an iPad in your mind. Apple has strived for years through continuous brand building measures and quality service to make that picture stand out in your mind.

But looking at the past when Apple itself was not sure about the shape of an iPad is indeed interesting. Yes, we are talking about the early prototypes of the device.

Though apple has always kept the documents secret, the recent court filings give us a glimpse into the earlier iPad and iPhone designs and prototypes. Many of them are simply amazing.

Interestingly, many of the earlier iPad designs seriously considered having a kick stand on the back, may be because the designers thought that users may need some hands free viewing time on the device.

Many of these designs are being revealed for the first time. Among the prototypes of different sizes and shapes, there is even a 16:9 model. It had wide handles on both sides. Another interesting design is that of an eight sided iPhone which had diagonal corners.

Pointing towards the name options set by Apple, many of these devices have ‘iPod’ written on their back. One of the iPhone designs with a very thin form factor is labeled N90.

That’s interesting because rumor mills had claimed that N90 was the codename for the iPhone 4 project.

Now tell us, would you have loved the iPad or iPhone more if it had any of the features in these prototypes?

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