iPhone 5 Likely to Support Wireless Speakers

July 26, 2012, By Alex Badinici

We already had heard the rumor that Apple is planning to change its dock connector to a smaller 19-pin version in the new iPhone. There is another rumor doing the rounds that says that the Cupertino Company is secretly forcing the speaker makers to give preference to making wireless speakers.

So if both these rumors are correct, there are enough reasons to believe that the iGiant is going to make some crucial changes with its upcoming iPhone 5, especially about its acoustics abilities.

If Apple indeed shifts to a smaller 19-pin dock, from its conventional 30-pin one, people who still depends on wired options for speakers with their existing iPhone device will have to get another speaker or to go for wireless solutions.

Looking at the trend in the speaker industry, almost all major players in the field are now increasingly making wireless speakers, which points that, like other parts of the gadget world, speakers also will soon say good bye to wires.

If speaker makers agree to come up with a wireless solution, Apple will be pretty sure that all of its devices, from the old ones to the upcoming iPhone 5 and a rumored iPad mini, will be compatible with a pair of wireless speakers.

The move will help Apple more in the future as it is planning to launch devices which are different in their hardware. Wireless speakers will, to some extent, solve the issue of hardware compatibility in the future.

It will be great for users too. Depending on the streaming technology utilized, they can also be as effective with Android and Apple devices.

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