HTML5 No Threat to Android, iOS Apps, Says New Study

July 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For some time now, the tech world has been debating the impact of HTML5, the latest standard for the markup language that is the soul of the web, on native apps.

The hype was so high that many claimed that HTML5-based web apps would kill all Android and iOS apps. But a new study conducted by the web analytics research firm Strategy Analytics has found that HTML 5 apps will not cannibalize native apps.

HTML 5, since its birth, has been a favorite tool among developers, as apps have become popular over the smartphone and tablet platforms and in the browser space.

Developers prefer HTML5 since it can run on a variety platforms and devices. Hype around HTML5 had given it an invincible feel.

However, the new analysis by Strategy Analytics predicts that it is highly unlikely that HTML 5 apps will replace native apps. The study points to a less speculated possibility – the birth of hybrid apps.

The fifth version of the Hyper Text Mark-up Language cannot be considered as the future of apps, says the study. The major obstacle in the way of HTML5 is the limited APIs and its fragmented support.

So researchers think that the future belongs to hybrid apps. “Existing business models are protected, differentiation among and within ecosystems remains intact, and consumption continues unabated. The end result is the continued dominance of iOS, Android, and increasingly Windows Phone,” said an analyst with the firm.

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