UK Music Industry Accuses Google, ISPs for Not Fighting Music Piracy

July 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Big names in the world of music are angry. In a letter to UK Prime Minister David Cameroon, singers like Elton John, Robert Plant and Pee Townshend, along with others, have accused Google, other search engines and service providers for not doing enough to discourage music piracy.

The letter, signed by 11 major names in the UK music industry said that online advertisers, internet service providers and search engines like Google should take proactive role in tackling the growing menace of music piracy in the UK, as the country is expected to increase its ‘exports’ in the digital age.

The letter urges the government to implement the anti-piracy legislation named Digital Economy Act 2010.

The letter says that by enforcing the copyright laws, consumers also will get confidence that they are buying the content or music from safe sites.

However, it is yet to see if such laws and moves can do anything against free sharing over internet. The matter has been very visible after a recent court order issued against peer-to-peer sharing torrent sites like Pirate Bay which forced internet service providers to put blocks on the system to prevent people accessing the site.

However, the service has safely bypassed the restriction in a week’s time. According to a major UK broadband service provider, the peer-to-peer traffic was down for a while but returned almost to the earlier levels within a week’s time.

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