Ultrabooks With $699 Price Tag by this Fall, Says Intel CEO

July 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The initial sales figures of the slim machines may not be too encouraging, but Intel headman Paul Otellini is not going to quit the game just like that.

Undeterred by the slow sales performance of Ultrabooks, Intel CEO has announced that new versions of the machine with a $699 price tag will hit the market by this fall.

During the conference call, after Intel posted its second quarter financial results, Otellini told reporters that the Ultrabooks have met the volume goals set by Intel and is improving its performance in the market by building up momentum.

Though that claim comes at odds with that of many analysts who believe that the machines are slow to pick up sales, Otellini sounded confident. According to him, Intel has more than 140 Ivy-Bridge based Ultrabook designs in the pipeline.

According to him, among these at least 40 will be touch enabled. Hinting at the possible strategy to fight the competition raised by the Surface tablet, he said that a dozen among the 140 will be convertibles. Users can flip the displays to turn them to tablets or a conventional clamshell device.

Intel will bring different storage capacities to offer Ultrabooks at different price points. Intel CEO believes that $699 is sweet spot for people who are looking for quality at a time when spending is restricted.

He also claimed that Ultrabooks will capture 40 percent of the laptop market by the end of this year.

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