Qantas Ditching BlackBerry for Apple iPhone

July 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

RIM is not having a good time. Recent studies have shown that its market share and presence have fallen in the last quarter, and now one of its big clients in Australia is mulling over switching to iPhones.

Qantas Airlines, where some 1,300 BlackBerry smartphones are used by its employees as corporate-sponsored devices, is thinking of switching to iPhones. The reasons for the switch over are many.

The top management of the airline supports iPhones over BlackBerry. The staff also voted for the iPhone and the move is expected help the company save some money too.

According to analysts, the overall cost of managing a single BlackBerry smartphone is approximately $2,600 per user per year which makes it a costly option for corporates.

IBM Australia also has made a similar decision by leaving BlackBerry to save an estimated $1.4 million per year for 500 users.

Apart from saving money, Qantas believes that the simple interface of the iPhone enables easy management of email and contacts, while the phone is compatible with the security requirements of the airliner.

The Australian national airliner is also thinking of offering support to Android devices without providing corporate sponsorship, so that employees will have to bring in their own device.

The move will worsen the pathetic state of RIM further. The company is already witnessing mass migration of employees to other companies. And, it is facing a $147-million patent infringement suit from Mformation Technologies.

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