Crucial Debuts 256GB SATA SSDs for $226

July 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Crucial, a major brand in memory and storage upgrades, has announced a bunch of Solid State Drives with storage capacity of upto 256 GB which will be the best option for slimmer gadgets.

Crucial has used the flash memory manufactured by its parent Micron Technology in these new SSDs. Dubbed Crucial m4, these mSATA solid state drives claim to showcase performance on par with its  mainstream rivals but with a compact and thinner form factor.

The new m4 SSDs are very smaller with their 1.2×2.0-inch dimension.

Since SSDs tend to be faster than the conventional spinning hard disks used in normal laptops, Crucial m4 disks offer faster performance coupled with thin form factor giving more internal real estate for manufacturers to beef up other specs and features of the devices.

These new SSDs from Crucial can also be used to upgrade the storage capacity of a device if it has an mSATA-compatible SSD. It can also act as a cache to beef up the performance of a magnetic hard disk drive.

The higher the capacity of the drive, the faster it reads and writes. For instance, the 256 GB drive has a 500 MB/s read rate and a 260 MB/s write speed. But a 32 GB SSD has a write speed of just 50 MB/s.

Crucial offers different storage capacity drives at different rates. The 256 GB model is sold at $225.99 while the 128 GB, 64 GB and 32 GB versions are sold for $121.99, $80.99 and $52.99 respectively. All models are based on a 6 Gbps SATA interface and are available at the company website.

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