Samsung Galaxy S III Update on Sprint Knocks Off Unified Search Function

July 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The war between the Apple and Samsung has started making more collateral damage than what was expected.

It is not just Samsung who is getting hit, but Google, poor Android users and even the carriers are also suffering the after effects of the OEM war on alleged patent violations.

The folks who have received the security update for their Samsung Galaxy S III device on Sprint found that the update has indeed patched some security vulnerabilities with the Google Wallet, but they lost the power of the Google Search app on their device.

Galaxy S III users who have the update on Sprint are no longer able to use the search app to locate contacts or the other apps in their device.

The response from the network carrier was a clear acknowledgment that the update did knock people off from the unified search function, an unlikely official response in such times. But we think the carrier is frustrated the way the patent war is going.

However, it turns out that Google, Samsung and Sprint had no other choice but to hit the devices with such an update or to face legal action from Apple, which has already bagged a preliminary injunction on Galaxy Nexus for a few weeks from a US District Judge.

Sprint’s frustration on the patent war has come out publicly when it filed an amicus brief with US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit recently pointing out that preliminary injunction could make a staple for the patent wars.

According to Sprint, even if it is Apple getting a ban on a Samsung phone or Samsung getting a ban on an Apple phone, it is the carriers who lose.

But we must add here that the eventual losers are the users.

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