Voice Actions Improved on Jelly Bean; Can it Overtake Siri?

July 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The race among intelligent voice assistants has been on for some time now. The hype was always with Apple’s Siri since it came out with iPhone 4.

Though Google, with Voice Actions, and Samsung, with S Voice, tried to raise a challenge to Siri on Android platform, Apple’s Siri has always maintained a cutting edge over its rivals.

It has now emerged that Google will be unveiling a much improved Voice Actions along with the latest edition of the Android platform – Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Though the boundaries between Google Voice Actions and Google Now are elusive, the voice assistant from Google has indeed improved its performance chart.

A recent test which pitted Siri against the Voice Actions on Jelly Bean proved that both the services offer almost similar responses to commands with almost same speed and accuracy.

Placing a call and texting or mailing somebody through voice commands turned out to be smoother on both services. Siri was attentive in listening, however, that can be attributed to its familiarity with the user than Voice Actions.

Siri’s habit of telling everything about what she is going to do always helped not to look back often, while the chimes on Voice Actions alerted users to look back when Voice Actions was completing something. But, this helps users to cancel something in between.

Setting an alarm, getting directions and suggestions about restaurants all worked well and quick on both services.

However, Siri gave only search results when it came to loading a web page by voice command while Voice Actions directly loaded the page. While searching on web, obviously, Voice Action’s results were more accurate than Siri’s.

Though we feel that Voice Actions has improved very much, we are not sure if it will overtake Siri. Do tell us what you think.

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