Galaxy SIII, Nexus or iPhone 5: Which is the Best Pick?

July 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Which one will you buy? Galaxy S III, which has become the fastest selling smartphone from the Samsung stable, is a luring offer in the market. But then the Galaxy Nexus will soon have its Jelly Bean update. Or will you wait till Apple comes out with the next gen iPhone which is rumored to be launched this fall?

If you are a hardcore Apple fan, you need not look beyond the iPhone 5 in the offing. But if you want to look for other options, you may end up spending some confusing time.

Things have indeed improved on Android front with Jelly Bean update. So the difference between Galaxy S III and Galaxy Nexus is very thin.

The camera on Galaxy S III is better than that of Nexus. Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI also makes Galaxy S III a special device, but the same may annoy many users.

It can be also seen that Google has brought some notable changes in Jelly Bean with exciting features like Google Now and improved Voice Actions.

Apple may not be able to bring anything of that size, considering what it revealed about the upcoming platform so far.

So we think S IIIor Nexus will be a better pick, but Apple fans may wait untill September.

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