Google to challenge Apple with Nexus Q

June 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google I/O event has given more than what was expected from Google. That extra pack of surprise includes Google Nexus Q, an odd shaped music streaming device, with its uniqueness of being completely made in the US.

Nexus Q promises to bring music from the cloud if you have an Android phone to control it and speakers to spread the word loud. Basically it is a sphere of 4.6 inch diameter with the top portion functioning as a volume control. This is the sole physical control option for this device.

The device comes with enough audio connectors to accommodate speakers and an HDMI connector which helps connecting your TV to it for full 1080p videos. 32 LEDs placed around the device changes in color based on the music, giving some life to this ball of music.

Selecting tracks on this screen-less device is accomplished by a dedicated app which runs on Android device. With a tap, the NFC chip inside the Q will connect it with your Android device.

The device also packs Micro HDMI, Optical audio (S/PDIF), 10/100BASE-T Ethernet (RJ45), Micro AB USB, and left and right audio Banana jack speaker outputs to keep it ultra connectible.

The secret under the black shell is rumored to be an ICS device but there are no apps or a secondary control device available for it now. However, Google has given green light to developers, so it may soon get third party app support.

At $299, Q is expensive than Apple TV which is similar but more efficient in these functions.  Though considered as a bold move from Google to take over Apple in the living room, the device is not expected to make big waves in the market.

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