Samsung DA-E750 Tube-Powered Wireless Audio Dock Sports Retro Looks; A Charmer for $800

June 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When it comes to Sammy, success comes as a byproduct with whatever they seem to do. Significant is the fact that Samsung is currently present in almost all fields of the electronic industry. The company is now entering the world of wireless audio dock with their latest DA-E750.

This awesome audio dock made its first debut at the CES earlier this year and will be available in UK and Korean in a few hours.

The DA-E750 is undoubtedly the world’s first premium dual-docking system that supports both Samsung Galaxy devices and Apple iOS devices. These devices can be connected via docked as well as wireless options.

By attaching the vacuum tube with a digital amplifier, the DA-E750 diminishes unwanted and harsh sound distortions. In the meantime, its 2.1 channel woven glass fiber speakers and powerful built-in subwoofer generates 100 watts of high quality sound with enhanced bass for an unparallel music experience.

The retro design of the DA-E750 shows off the highest level of sophistication by joining classic design elements with an obsession towards luxury. The nice high gloss wood finish is available in either mahogany or piano black, which is redecorated by the warm glow from the vacuum tubes inside the docks when in operation.

Samsung had attached an $800 price tag when the dock made its debut at CES 2012. The device houses a port for streaming tracks directly from a portable hard drive, a music player or a thumb drive.

All file formats covering WAV, MP3 and WMA are deemed to be compatible with the speaker. Going by what we get to know, we think this is one awesome device Sammy is bringing to our midst. What say?

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