Video Ads on Restroom mirrors; Novo Kick Starts a Trend [Video]

June 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We are made to watch hundreds of ads everyday and while some of them tend to be catchy, some of them fail to attract the attention of even a single person a day.

Thinking of places where ads will receive the attention they need, Novo Ad has come up with a unique solution. The company has decided to put up video advertisements on restroom mirrors. The company thinks people will definitely look at them while they look at the mirror.

As you all know, everyone looks at the mirror in front of them when he/she is at the restroom. Even as people stare at the mirror to know how they look like or when they are busy redecorating themselves, the ads that play on the screen on the mirror are sure to be noticed.

So putting up ads in places where people automatically look at could prove successful than paying for giant display screens on multi-storey buildings or camp sites.

Ads need not be as bright and catchy as they normally are. People will look at the ad anyways.

People have a tendency to look at moving pictures or videos rather than still photos wherever they are displayed. Following this thought, Nova looks like seeing success big time.

Founded in 2010, Novo ads have pioneered video ads on mirrors and now all the video ads they are working on are of high definition.

They know the significance of HD videos in this graphic hungry world and the firm is surely keeping up with the world’s evolution. Watch the video after the image.

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