USB Sticks That Give Women the Business Edge

June 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Business women listen up. The world of technology is giving you something a little extra apart from helping you out 24X7.

The marketplace is all about being one step ahead of your competitors and it is surprising how small stuff like custom USB sticks work for your advantage.

Sales pitch, seminars, marketing activities, gifts, give-aways; these storage devices came across as highly useful in many business scenarios.

Now we are not talking about plain old USB sticks, no. Permit us to introduce you to the most stylish and the best branded USB devices every business women can easily make use of.

First up is the business card USB. Look at the image and it’s simply brilliant, isn’t it? You used to give your prospective clients your business cards earlier and now you can give out more info about you and your company in a UBS stick attached to the business cards. The presence of your company logo will make it even better.

The twister USB sticks have an advantage in terms of style. If you are desperate to get noticed, this is definitely a colorful solution.

If the spies out there use pen camera, business people should use the USB pen. Making a presentation, attending a conference, take this with you. It’s available in silver, black and white and trust us, you will look smart.

If you are not yet impressed by any of the above, which is practically impossible, you have the choice of USB sticks encased in natural leather. They are stylish, they are long lasting and they can do good to your company by just bearing its logo.

If you have a business associate who regularly checks over documents, what he needs is a Highlighter USB. It makes its impression and presents itself as useful too. Your contact will sure remember you for this one.

There you go, they have the looks, they have that much needed edge, and they are not any showcase items. Make the most out of these USB sticks. 

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