Google Fiber IP Set Top Box Spotted at the FCC

June 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Giving more strength to the rumors that the search god, Google – is planning to foray into the cable TV business, a new device with Google brand has been spotted at the FCC. Interestingly, the device is an IP set top box.

With a model number GFHD 100, the IP set top box is manufactured by Humax for Google. It has undergone testing at the Federal Communication Commission’s office, as part of the routine approval exercise for communication related gadgets.

According to the test report available on the FCC database, the gadget has a Wi-Fi radio and an IR receiver.

Apart from these, the set top box also features USB port, Ethernet connection, HDMI in and out and a MoCA bridge.

The device’s MAC address is registered directly to Google, according to the related documents available at the FCC.

Though crucial information like where it is headed or a possible date of sale are not available from the FCC sources, the new spotting gives a solid proof about the search giant’s plans to foray into the Cable TV service, unlike many earlier rumors in this regard.

However, once the gadget gets approval, the FCC will no more be a hurdle in front of Google to decide its launching time. Experts assume that the IP set top box may head to areas where presently Google Fiber is offered.

In that case, folks at Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas, will be the luckiest to lay their hands on it first.

The Google Fiber service is known for its promise to deliver blaze pace internet speeds at 1 Gbps which is 100 times faster than conventional, non-fiber internet connections.

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