Apple Tries To Drag Galaxy S III into the Patent Feud, To Delay its Launch in the US

June 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Does Apple fear Galaxy S III? We don’t know, but the Cupertino company has just dragged the much awaited Android Smartphone from Samsung into the ongoing patent feud between the two companies.

As the new Galaxy S III from Samsung is about to touch US shores by June 21st, the iGiant is trying to stop it hitting the store shelves by bringing in a court ban for alleged patent violations.

After getting their hands on an international version of Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple has found that the device is violating certain patents held by the company.

Apple has earlier alleged Samsung of violating patents on slide to unlock feature, auto fill options on a typing interface, a unified search interface and the ability to tap in device actions to particular data structures.

Now Apple has found that the upcoming S III has violated two among these patents. According to Apple, Siri alternative on Galaxy S III – S Voice intelligent assistant – violates the unified search interface patent.

They also allege that Galaxy S III allowing users to initiate a call from a phone number that appears on a webpage or text by tapping on it is another violation.

However, Samsung has retorted to the complaint in the court saying that if Apple needs to allege patent violations against S III, they have to file a separate motion rather than adding S III to the existing motion on Galaxy Tab 10.1. Samsung has also requested to allow them to prepare a separate defense for the complaint.

Well, we have to wait and see if the motion will halt the much expected launch of the Galaxy S III in the US.

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