ZTE Athena is the Thinnest Smartphone Ever

May 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Does size matter? It does, or so you tend to think, when companies churn out slim smartphones day after day. The thinnest ever smart device has been shown and it comes from the ZTE labs.

So your search for the phone with the slimmest ever form factor ends here. ZTE’s upcoming 6.22 mm thin smartphone, codenamed Athena, is ready for roll out. But since the device is yet to make its debut, Huwaei Ascend P1 S and the 6.55mm Oppo Finder are still in the battle for the thinnest smartphone label. However, the scene will soon be changing.

The phone is now a hot topic, and it is likely that ZTE will give a new name to this device upon its release.  Like the ambiguity in its name, we have only a scarce knowledge about its specifications too.

Thanks to ZTE’s terminal device strategy director Lu Qian Hao’s blog, we at least know that it has a HD screen, A15 chipset and a memory expandable to 64 GB. Various sources also claim that the device will sport Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS and ZTE’s MiFlavor UI, with a 720p display.  Also, chances for a multi-core processor to the ZTE phone cannot be neglected.

A few leaked photos of Athena are also making the rounds. Meanwhile, Lu also hinted about launching multiple shades of Athena. But we think that black Kevlar edition showed in the photos is pretty cool.

The phone maker is silent about other features of the Athena. We will bring you more details soon, as we plan to go looking for all the details.

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