Sony Storyteller in the Works; Will Aim to Promote Reading Habit among Kids

May 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Probably in the near future, you will be reading books on a big screen positioned meters away, all the while relaxing in your couch. Sony is on a mission to make this happen.

Maybe we are overstating it, but Sony’s alleged plan for digital books on the Play Station Store gives us much to think about.

Let’s make it clear that this is not going to be anything similar to what Kindle, iBooks or Nook is doing. Sony knows very well that competing with the likes of Kindle and Nook would be a far fetched idea.

So as per the latest info we get to see, Sony will be calling the new service ‘Storyteller’. As the name suggests, more importance will be given to children’s content.

There will be many books and content downloadable via the PlayStation Store. Books are more likely to be available on portable PlayStation Vita via a new channel dedicated to the purpose.

Sony will utilize its previous expertise in availing the digital games, videos and comics to the customers. The content will be neatly classified in different sections to bring effortless browsing for enthusiasts.

The concept appears to be fresh and would be great to improve reading habits among the children.

But Sony has to be more prepared this time to win the battle as they have failed in many similar attempts in the past. What do you think will Sony be looking at?

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