LG M2752 and DM2752 TVs Bring to You an Ultimate Viewing and Gaming Experience

May 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Some people among you use your TVs as computer monitors too, right? But then, not all television sets support this feature. And, those who do, may not provide the best of quality either.

All such hassles may now be thrown out of the window. For, LG has pushed out of its assembly line two new television sets, christened LG DM2752 and M2752, and these devices are worth all the applause.

With these two new television sets, you will be able to watch normal terrestrial broadcast to HD movies straight from your PC. Both the televisions feature IPS panels, and boast incredible color display and wide viewing angles.

The devices also claim PIP (picture-in-picture). The PIP feature in fact allows the user to view multiple screens simultaneously in one device.  Along with that, the TVs also come with infinite surround sound that brings realistic audio to you – thereby providing a lot more fun to movie watching.

Gaming is also better with these two TVs as these two devices come with 2 HDMI ports that enable users to connect their consoles to the TV. Users can also connect their set top boxes and other similar TV counterparts.

There is no more need to wait for the computer to boot because of the USB Quick View. So, you can watch your favorite movies or TV series right away.

An interesting feature of the DM2752 is that comes with 2D to 3D conversion engine which leaves an infinite world of 3D viewing to the users. It also comes with 3D glasses of really good quality.

Though the LG M2752 is available in certain markets across Europe already, the LG D2752 will only be available starting this July. So till then, hold on and wait for the joy ride to start!

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