Google Overhaul of Search Engine Increases Search Activity

May 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Early indicators show that the search function overhaul Google has pushed out recently is getting warmer acceptance among web users.

Giving the necessary push to the concept of semantic search, the search giant has found there is a clear increase in the search activity since the overhaul.

It has been more than two weeks since Google has gone for one of the biggest overhauls of its search functions since inception. We hear people are doing more search now than they used to earlier, with the most popular search engine on web.

Though the company was not ready to express this warm response in numbers, it insists that the search queries have increased since it began rolling out the new search function which is going to change the web search of the future.

The new search function offers more relevant results to users using semantic search which connects search queries to people, places or things.

For instance, if you search for Golden Gate Bridge, a box at the right side of the results page will show a Google map with directions and facts about the bridge along with photos giving relevant info at a glance.

The changes which are currently available only with the English language version of Google are actually just a small step towards the future web search system Google envisions where the search engine will understand real-world things.

More changes are expected to be added during the next few months, but the process may take few years to implement complete.

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