Satechi Bluetooth Multi-Media Remote Control for iPad and iPhone Sees Day’s Light

May 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Did you ever feel the need of a remote control for your iPhone or iPad? It may be handy in special situations when you find yourself so lazy to move from the chair to reach out to the phone on the table?

Though that may sound like a nonexistent problem for many, accessory maker Satechi has just unveiled their multi-media remote control for iPhone or iPad which helps you to operate these devices from a distance. After all, you are not going to get such a remote from Apple.

However, the interesting feature with the remote control is that it can work as a remote shutter release tool for the cam on your iPhone even at a distance of 33 feet.

Apart from getting the shot shake-free, it may as well help you play a bit like James Bond next time with unexpected candid shots of your loved ones.

Other features include a sliding cover and a set of numeric controls that help select different tracks and chapters. Though it is not as sleeky as Apple’s culture of gadget designs, its single battery claims to run for six month on a stretch.

With a price tag of $39.99, the remote control which works via Bluetooth technology can also control a docked iPhone or iPad, for instance, to pump out your favourite music or film for you.

It has a dedicated mute button and a duplicate home button, so that you can even tickle Siri even if the phone is not within your reach.

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