Google Pulls Down Millions of URLs from Search Results Owing to Complaints from Copyright Owners

May 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The latest Transparency Report from the search god Google shows that they are seriously into tackling internet piracy by removing thousands of URLs on request from copyright owners.

The latest report details on who is requesting to take down pages for alleged copyright infringements and all the targeted domains from July 2011. The major targets are obviously file sharing and torrent services owing to the complaints from software and entertainment companies.

The importance of the new Transparency Report is that it is the first one to carry details private organization’s complaint of copyright infringement.

For the last two years since when Google started issuing Transparency Reports, they carried information only on governments’ requests to take down pages and remove disruptions in the traffic patterns of the search engine.

According to the new statistics, Google has approved 97 percent of the requests from private players on copyright infringement during the period from July 2011 to December 2011.

Among the complainants, Microsoft tops the list by requesting 2,544,209 URLs to be taken down. Companies like NBCUniversal, RIAA, BPI (British Recorded Music Industry), and Elegant Angel pornographic film studio follows Microsoft to make the top five litigants in the list.

According to Google officials, they are getting more than 250,000 requests each week. It outnumbers the total copyright violation complaints Google received during the whole of 2009. Presently, the data is only about requests for Google Search only and not for YouTube or Blogger.

Fortunately, Google is letting the owners know before they pull down a page from the results. It is also planning to share all copies of removal requests to Chilling Effects – a non profit organization working to protect lawful online activity from legal threats.

Users who are targeted with the removal request can also submit a counter notice if they think the complaint is incorrect.

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