Lumia 900 Hammer and Nail Test Proves the Strength of the Display of the Device (Video)

May 21, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smartphones are expensive, cute devices. No matter what their manufacturers claim about the strength of the display of the device or its ability to survive accidental drops or pressure, you don’t dare to try it on your handset to find out if their claims have any nuggets of truth in them.

However, here we have got an exceptional opportunity to watch for real the strength of the gorilla glass display on the Lumia 900 Windows Phone device from Nokia.

The device has taken the toughness test recently when certain guys have gone to use a hammer and nail to check how hard the display can be.

The device has the advantage of having a unibody polycarbonate housing to survive such shocks and accidental falls, but what you watch in the video below is the strength of the Coring Gorilla Glass of the display.

As you can watch, the guys found it not enough to hit  a nail on the glass using a hammer to test the strength of the display, so they went on to using the Lumia 900 itself as a hammer to hit a nail into a piece of wood.

So the moral of the story is that the Gorilla Glass on Lumia 900 is strong as anything that exceptional pressures can do nothing to the display. So devices with similar Gorilla Glasses can have the same strength, but somebody will have to come out daring to test it on the device.

Now if you really want to catch a glimpse of how the Lumia 900 undergoes the toughness test under a hammer hit, head to the video after the break.

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