Will Amazon Introduce Cheaper Kindle Fire With Ads?

May 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ad-supported versions of Kindle are already in the marketplace. According to AdAge’s latest report, Kindle manufacturer Amazon is trying to sell ads that would appear on the Kindle Fire’s welcome screen.

The report also mentions that the two-month campaign would be worth at least $600,000. So is a cheaper, ad-supported Kindle Fire on the way?

Already, Amazon sells the ad-supported versions at a discount. The cheapest Kindle is priced at $79 with ads, while without ads it costs $99. The Kindle Touch WiFi is sold for $99 with ads, but it costs $139 for the ad-less version. Similarly Kindle Touch 3G is $149 with ads and $189 without.

The report did not specify whether ad-supported Kindle Fire will come with a discount or not. So we assume that a cheaper version of Fire would soon surface.

As one source from AdAge said, if we buy a product and gets unexpected ad experience, that would be the worst. So for the purpose of value exchange, a discounted edition is necessary.

Even if Amazon decides to provide a discount or bring out a cheaper version, what would be the price? The Kindle Fire is priced at $199 now.

Also a second generation of the device is rumored to be on its way. Let’s see what the company have next in store for us regarding its Kindle series.

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