Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Flip Covers Even Before Release

May 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Since Samsung has managed to create a buzz around its Galaxy devices, hordes of loyal fans and tech enthusiasts wait with baited breath to see the new releases.

With the stupendous success of the Galaxy S II, Samsung has managed to create a legion of followers just like Apple did with its iPhone models. All are now waiting for the release of the new Android-powered smartphone Galaxy S III.

As the company nears the launch date, even accessory market is abuzz with phone-dedicated launches. Recently accessories for the phone were out in stores even though the phone is yet to arrive. What’s more, even Flip covers for the phone have arrived.


Mobile Fun is offering official Samsung Flip covers for Galaxy S III and they come in different colors – lemon yellow, chrome blue, ceramic white, orange, pink and light blue. A flip cover helps protect your phone from accidental falls or scratches.

Flip cover replaces the back cover of the phone using a rubber bumper, but doesn’t significantly change the weight or size of the phone. Flip cover also doesn’t hinder with the performance of the phone as it leaves volume control buttons and camera uncovered.

Flip covers for Galaxy S III are priced at £29.95. It may be a touch too expensive for a cover, but it’s to protect your new baby.

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