MacBook Pro with 15-Inch Retina Display Comes Expensive for Apple; Price Hike Likely

May 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As Apple is planning to bring the much hyped Retina Display to its popular line up – MacBook Pros – the tech world is anxiously waiting to watch how the Cupertino giant will manage the cost vs. price dynamics this time.

According to analysts, Apple has to shell out at least $100 per unit of the new 15 incher MacBook Pro if they want to fit in a neat Retina Display.

Currently, Apple’s expenditure for the display per unit of the 15 inch MacBook Pro is just $68 while they will have to pay anything above $160 for a Retina Display of that size.

So, the important question is whether that hike in production cost will trickle down to the price tag of the revamped MacBook Pro.

The case is, obviously, the same with the 13 inch model where Apple spends $69 currently and has to cough up $134 per unit for a Retina Display of the same size.

So far, Apple’s history of migrating to Retina Display has been more than satisfactory when its impact on the price tag is concerned.

They were able to manage the increased cost by keeping the price of the iPhone 4 stable in 2010, when they blessed the device with a Retina Display.

Again, when they rolled out the new iPad, they managed to keep the prices stable, accommodating the $30 hike in production cost per unit in other ways.

Since it is almost sure that the 15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display will come out as early as next month, it remains to be seen if the new display will make the machine more expensive than the non-RD bros in the market.

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