Samsung Galaxy S2 HD Runs Tizen; Found to be Awesome [Video]

May 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There are a lot of inventions out there that add to the user friendliness of smartphones and tablets. Tizen is one of them. In case you haven’t read about it already, let’s tell you Tizen is a software platform for tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, netbooks and a lot of other devices. In smartphones, Tizen greatly enhances the performance and quality of the phone’s user interface.

Significant news now doing the rounds speaks of the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD running Tizen, and that indeed would make using the smartphone even better.

So far there isn’t even a glitch on the software, but there is bound to be some bug somewhere as nothing is perfect. Unlike other software the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD uses, this will surely make those who don’t have the Samsung Galaxy S2 sad and yearning for the device.

When you look at the big picture including the price of the phone, you might think it is not worth it. But if you do not own a Samsung Galaxy S2 and would not mind another phone, the Galaxy S2 HD would be a great choice.

We say that because the device running Tizen would deliver a lot more than you would expect. The addition of Tizen would of course usher in a lot more interesting stuff for the user of the phone. Are you game?

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