Apple Tops Annual Customer Satisfaction Ratings in the US

May 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Phones are no more machines meant for just calling and texting. And so, it is getting really difficult for phone manufacturers to keep the common man happy with their products, say the new annual ratings from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) on customer satisfaction with mobile phone manufacturers.

As per the rating, Apple came top with an 83 out of a score of 100. HTC, LG and Nokia made it into the second place with a score of 75 while Motorola came third with 73.  Samsung was surprisingly at fourth place with 71 while RIM was at the bottom with a score of 69.

The rating which is based on the data collected by ACSI through a telephone survey conducted among consumers by asking them a set of questions about the mobile phone they are using or have purchased in the last two years.

The survey mainly focused on two major aspects – customization and reliability of the gadget. Customization checks how much people find a phone suiting users’ individual needs while reliability aspect checks consumer’s opinion on how good the gadget is doing its job.

The outcome of the survey revealed many interesting findings. If you think smartphone owners are happier than those who use basic feature phones, you are wrong, says the survey. More features need not necessarily mean more happiness with the consumers.

For instance, more features simply mean more chances of the some function failing. A basic phone may meet with issues like a dropped call or two, but a smartphone will have a basket of issues like crashing apps, low-speed connections, complex navigation etc.

So, smartphones leave their basic phone rivals far behind when it comes to customization, but lower reliability scores often dragged them down in the ratings.

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