AMD Trinity APUs Introduced

May 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Following its rivals who have added new chips to their product line up, chip maker AMD also has brought in one more name to their processor line up the other day.

Dubbed Trinity, this new chip from AMD, obviously, challenges Ivy Bridge from Intel’s stable, with similar features like the ability to offer extend battery life along with improved speed and graphics capabilities.

According to AMD’s claims, the new APUs offers anything close to 8 hours of web browsing time, leaving many of its rivals behind. Apart from that, the new chip will be more valuable for non-Intel ultra thin laptops which are called sleekbooks by HP.

In addition to delivering performance boost to these devices, Trinity APUs makes them capable of offering some extra pleasure to the users with some software tweaks.

For instance, Trinity enables automatic image stabilization and allows users to have multi-person HD video chat.

The chip maker also claims that the chip brings along Quick Stream, a technology that channels the major chunk of the network bandwidth to video streaming. This way user gets a hassle free, smoother streaming experience even on low-speed connections.

Trinity also offers more than 30 hardware accelerated features for Photoshop CS6. Similarly, Winzip also works better on machines with AMD Trinity APUs.

According to AMD, the Trinity chip has already made it into the spec list of the future devices from major manufactures. Though we are yet to confirm this, grapevine in the industry say that HP, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, Asus and Sony probably will order them soon.

AMD announced that the Trinity desktop chip will be launched in June. It will take one more month for you to see machines carrying it in the market.

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