Apple Mini iPad to Come Out in October for $200: Rumor

May 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The trend in the gadget market shows that there is a good future for tablets. Among them, cheap and smaller slates sell better than expensive 10-inch cousins.

The point was undoubtedly proved with the success of the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon, who made it a 7-incher with a $200 price tag.

Eying this success, many players who have been neck deep in making 10-inch slates are now mulling over making smaller 7-inch or so tablets with an around $200 price tag.

We have told you how Android god Google themselves has inked a deal with Asus to make such a tab to sell it for $199.

However, there was a lot of skepticism on reports about similar moves from Apple. Speculations were rife that the iGiant who makes the expensive and most popular tablets till date are thinking of making smaller and cheaper tablets.

Many observers downplayed the rumor saying that the Cupertino giant will not try to reverse its product line and put more competition to its elite product line.

After all, selling cheaper things to too many people to make profit is not Apple’s cup of tea. They make expensive toys and make people buy it.

However, recent rumors suggest that the iGiant is indeed working on a smaller and cheaper tablet and may roll it out in October.

As per the rumor mills, the rig will be almost identical to original iPad but smaller in the screen sizes. So probably, you will find Retina Display too on these tiny slates. Price ? The news in the wind says it will be around $200 – $250.

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